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Ma Fabrique de Boutons is the online sales site for CREPIN-PETIT SN.

This 34-person SME is located in the Hauts de France, more precisely in Picardy, in the municipality of Bernaville (80370). CREPIN-PETIT has been manufacturing buttons since 1874 and supplies ready-to-wear brands that choose Made In France: Lacoste, Petit Bateau, Armor Lux, Des Petits Hauts, etc. Proven know-how and a very decent age for the last French button manufacturer who has been able to resist the effects of globalization!

In May 2017, the company wanted to offer its creations to individuals, associations and passionate designers  of the world of fashion, but in volumes adapted to needs. Thus was born the site Ma Fabrique de Boutons! As the buttons are produced locally, the prices offered are indeed attractive. It is even possible to request the desired color on products in the Personalization category.

CREPIN-PETIT saw its profession and its history be recognized in 2019 with the obtaining of the "Living Heritage Company" label.

More than 600 references are currently offered online with several monthly additions not to mention the most popular products from the two annual collections. However, with more than 5,000 models in stock at CREPIN PETIT SN, it is clear that not everything will be available instantly on Ma Fabrique de Boutons.
So if you are looking for a very particular button that cannot be found, do not hesitate to let us know, we will be happy to offer you identical or similar products from our stock!


This large stock in terms of models may seem limited in the quantity of parts available. Our policy is to produce large quantities on demand (production time: 2 to 3 weeks). In this way, we limit unsold stocks, the value of which would inevitably be transferred to the selling price: a way of guaranteeing you attractive prices!


Finally, be assured of the Made In France quality of our products, our employees are very picky about this. Our Oeko Tex label also guarantees that our buttons are free from toxic products for the body and the environment (certification n ° CQ 928/5).

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Notre Our unique ambition : to satisfy your fashion desires

Voici Here is now the quick presentation of some aspects of our know-how.


Nos The turned buttons in polyester, woods and corozo are machined in our workshops on semi-automatic lathes from pawns. Our technicians make the deburring tools from the sketches provided by the style office.

Tournage boutons couture 


The turned buttons, taken out of the turning shop, have a matt surface appearance and have micro scratches. They are sanded and polished in polygonal barrels. The sanding processes and times variations depending on the desired appearance (matt - satin - gloss).

Buttons are mixed with ceramic or wooden cubes depending on the desired result.


Buttons can be colored by plunge dyeing. The pigments used meet the OEKO Tex standard which prohibits any toxic, allergenic or containing heavy metal product.

Each dye bath is controlled for shade and hold. A sample is taken and stuck on the control sheet.

Teinture des boutons de couture


The engraving, made by laser, allows to engrave patterns and brings relief to the buttons with great precision.

Hot enameling

The hot enamelling technique brings great added value to our products and makes them truly unique.
The color is deposited by hand by experienced and meticulous technicians using pneumatic syringes.


Children's models are created by our technicians using computer design software.


The injection molding machine line.


The molds are made in-house. The polyamide is injected under pressure into the indentations to obtain the raw part.

Preparation for varnishing

Placement of buttons on trays before varnishing.

Vernissage des boutons de couture


In order to respond quickly to demand, we have more than 6,000 finished or semi-finished product references in stock at all times.

Plus de 6000 références de boutons de couture

Order management

Orders are packaged and sent to the shipping department to be sent to the customer by post or by carrier.

Commandes boutons de couture