Personnalisation des teintes des boutons de couture

Button customization

Ma Fabrique de Boutons wishes to offer these customers the products best suited to their needs.

This is why we offer you the possibility on some models to choose the shade you want for your button. Having the most suitable shade for your sewing project, choosing a color that will recall your brand or simply vary the pleasures, this is possible thanks to our "Custom" category

What is a custom button ?

The buttons in the "Personalized" category, also called "My Color" buttons, are buttons part of the timeless items of our collections. These buttons are therefore available in quantity on the site and it is easy for us to restart productions.

These buttons are available in two versions:

- natural or basic color (depending on the material)

- color of your choice made to order

How do I choose my shade ?

Ma Fabrique de Buttons is the online sales site of CREPIN PETIT, a French button manufacturer.

CREPIN PETIT has several manufacturing and finishing workshops on its Picardy site, including a dyeing workshop.

Thanks to our many years of experience, our collaborators are able to produce any shade from the PANTONE® color chart on demand.

You can therefore choose a shade directly from their color chart:

and enter the corresponding PANTONE® code (eg 2081 C) in the text box “YOUR PANTONE TINT” on the product sheet.

Don't forget to save your shade.

Les teintes Pantone

Pantone shades are there any special conditions ?

Since your buttons are dyed to order in the workshops of Ma Fabrique de Buttons, additional time should be allowed before your order is shipped. Shipping will be done within 1 week.


In addition, a minimum quantity, usually 10 buttons, is required to start a dye bath. The minimum quantity required is specified on the product sheet.